Your iSeries server will be more safe with our SeCUR/400 software. The security exposure is not only from th internet. Intranet attacks are even more dangerous than the internet attacks.

SeCUR/400 controls and logs any connections made to your iSeries via TCP/IP. You can decide which user may connect to your iSeries and which resource he/she can use.


  • Control, log and report client connections
  • Prevent any undesired connections.Control any connections such as ODBC Connections, Remote Command Executions etc.
  • Define User Name/Object based criteria and only allowed users may have access to the specified objects.
  • Control and log FTP requests and SQL requests
  • Allow telnet connections only from allowed TCP/IP numbers
  • Protect your iSeries with our widely used SeCUR/400 software


OS/400 minimum operating system level must be V4R5